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XATZE Chicharron Jalapeno 130gr

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XATZE Chicharron Jalapeno 130gr

XATZE Chicharron Jalapeno Chile 130gr

What is Chicharrón de Chile? It is dried and roasted jalapeño chilies that are processed into chicharrón. Chicharrón in origin actually refers to crispy pork products, but in this product there is no animal product, the name refers to the fact that the jalapeño peppers are made just as crispy by the manufacturing process and are naturally spicy to boot.

They are a very interesting topping and add crunchy chili texture and spicy flavor to your dishes. You can try them as a topping for different dishes, sauces and even as a plain snack. Feel free to try adding this jalapeño chicharrón to your pasta as well. You won't regret combining the food culture of Mexico with other food cultures..


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