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Mexilla Ambient Tomato Tortilla Wraps 30cm (12")

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Mexilla Ambient Tomato Tortilla Wraps 30cm (12")

Mexilla Tortillas tomato 30cm (18pcs)

A flexible and strong 12 inch wrap, infused with tomato creating a vibrant red tortilla with a tangy tomato flavour.

Product Usage
Storage Instructions In a cool, dry place, under ambient conditions.
Protect from rapid temperature changes direct sunlight.  After opening store in in ambient conditions in sealed container protected from air light and use within 7 days.
Handling Instructions Before opening each pack, take it in both hands and fold back and forth to aid tortilla separation
Directions for use Before consumption the product may be heated on both sides in a pan (15 seconds each side) or in a microwave oven (5-15 seconds).
Nutritional Information per 100g
Energy 1283 kJ/304 kcal
Fat 6.69g
of which saturates 3.09g
Carbohydrates 51.2g
of which sugars 8.17g
Protein 8.49g
Salt 1.36g

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