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GUANAJUATO Tortilla Blue Corn 15cm Mexicana 1kg

12,95 €

GUANAJUATO Tortilla Blue Corn 15cm Mexicana 1kg

GUANAJUATO Tortilla Blue Corn 15cm Mexicana 1kg

Blue corn tortillas naturally gluten-free 15 cm (40 St.) 1 kg by Guanajuato

Pack of 40 fresh corn tortillas made from blue corn flour. For tacos, quesadillas, flautas, enchiladas and much more. The corn variety has blue, sometimes purple-blackish grains, hence the color. So naturally! Gluten free.

Vacuum-packed, they come from a tortillery in Guanajuato, Mexico. Please use within 4-5 days after opening. Also suitable for freezing.

The best way to heat the tortillas is to use a hotplate or a flat pan. Sprinkle the plate with some water and the tortilla will get its original moisture content back.


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