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CHOLULA Chile Garlic Hot Sauce 150ml

8,65 €

CHOLULA Chile Garlic Hot Sauce 150ml

CHOLULA Garlic 150ml

Cholula has been an institution in Mexico for over a century. Unique in flavours and very versatile, their sauces have soon spread across the continent and are now quite popular. In this garlicky version, Cholula's sauce will awaken any of your Latin dishes in a subtle way. Garlick and heat work together harmoniously -without one overpowering the other- to enhance any meal's flavours.

Ingrédients : 

Water, Salt, Dried Peppers (Arbol and Piquin), Vinegar, Garlic, Spices, Natural Flavors, Xanthan Gum, Dried Garlic. Contains gmo.


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